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Established in 2003

The year  when in our home came our first dog, the samoyed named Bela.  Here strats the love of this breed. I loved the caracter of samoyed very much.  
Started  learning more and more about this breed. Very soon we started  taking part in dog shows , and Bela was my  first International  Champion and Champion of many countries.

 After few  years I  imported Luchik - Belyi Volk Luchik Solntsa ,import from  Belyi Volk  kennel in Russia.  I had  great number of shows with him, winning many titles, more than 55 best of breed, more than 35 best of group, and many Best in show winnings  . Luchik was international champion and champion of many countries.  One of past dogs was  also Leia -Penktas Elementas SW  Leia at Belluchi,   she came in our  home  from  Lithuania ( kennel Penktas                                                                                                                    Elementas) . A part took another lady  Ane - Izyskannaja Osoba S Hutora Dykanki import from                                                                                                                                       Ukraine ( kennel S Hutora Dykanki).​ Both  females with great blood lines.  With us lived                                                                                                                                         Teddy  - Lunnaya Raduga Esthete at Belluchi  ( Lunnaya Raduga kennel from Russia). We were                                                                                                                                 very happy to have Rosty  -Belluchi Royal Snow Winter Frost  in our kennel . Produced by us.                                                                                                                                Very succesfull dog at shows. International Champion and Champion of many countries and                                                                                                                                  BIS winner.  Father of great puppies and  many champions .
                                                                                                                In 2007  I  registred the kennel  in the FCI under the name Belluchi Royal Snow. Belluchi is                                                                                                                  composed by first letters of the names of my two dogs Bella and Luchik.   I did not have                                                                                                                      many litters , but   produced  wonderful puppies,  , grown into  amazing  dogs.  Most of them                                                exported all around the world , in Europe, USA, Australia.   A lot  of them with success at shows and quite big number of Champions..                                                  So, I am very happy that  Belluchi Royal Snow dogs had ,  great success at  International dog shows, Club shows, Speciallity  shows, European Dog shows , World Dog shows , Split Summer dog shows, Crufts ...                                                                                                                        
From 2008  I am Vice- President of the kennel club "Polaris" in Macedonia.

 In the period from 2003 till 2018 I  took part in more than 150 dog shows all over Europe with  my dogs .
I also handled  many dogs other breeds.

A part of my life was also Gordon setter - Forester`s Kody the hunter of Darkmoor ( imp Germany).
He was champion and Bis winner.
 After very short period without dogs around , in 2016 in our kennel came our first american                                                                                                          cocker spaniel, miss Zoe - Very Vigie Mam`zelle Zoe ( formVery Vigie kennel from France.
Great thanks to Laurent Pichard). One amazing lady...very prospective, fantastic caracter.
My  family fell in love with her from the moment she entered  home... Till the age of  2 she is
Champion of Macedonia and Champion of Serbia...

In 2016 after long thinking and discussion we decided to rebrand our kennel 
and from now on we are continuing our work under our new name Belluchiville 
( registred in FCI 174 mkd). 

We are very motivated to continue our work with great love and commitment ....
After quite long period of showing  dogs and breeding  I have decided to take chance and study for FCI judge...
In september 2020 I published my first book " Short Guide for new dog owners".
On 05.02.2021 arrived  Mike - Partisky Montgomery Mike from Partisky kennel in UK.  Very sweer boy, our future star. Till  11 months he was already  Group winner, Best in show winner, Junior best in show winner and Supreme Junior best in show only 12 months he become Junior Champion of Macedonia...
In april 2022 was published my second book "Cynological culture and cynological
In may 2022 was born our first litter of american cocker spaniel. Two very beautiful pups stayed in kennel, and both become Junior Champions of  Macedonia at 12 months . One pup, at 12 months is International Junior Champion and Multi Champion. We can not be more pleased.
From november 2022 I passed judging exam and now I am  FCI Judge.
World dog show Geneva 2023, our boy Sharche won 3th place in strong intermedia class. 


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